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Mentors and Regional Facilitators
Name Region Skills Interests
Ben Lynch Campus Champions
Balamurugan Desinghu ACCESS CSSN, Campus Champions, CAREERS, Northeast
Daniel Sierra-Sosa Campus Champions
Fernando Garzon ACCESS CSSN
shuai liu ACCESS CSSN
Mami Hayashida Kentucky
Michael Puerrer Campus Champions, Northeast
Neil McGlohon CAREERS
Paul Rulis Campus Champions
Renos Zabounidis Campus Champions
Xiaoqin Huang ACCESS CSSN
Simon Delattre
Soham Pal Campus Champions
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CI Links

Title Category Tags Skill Level
ACCESS HPC Workshop Series Learning big-data, deep-learning, machine-learning, neural-networks, tensorflow, gpu, technical-training-for-hpc, training, openmpi, c, c++, fortran, openmp, programming, mpi, spark Beginner, Intermediate
Active inference textbook Learning ai, machine-learning, neural-networks Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Automated Machine Learning Book Learning ai, data-analysis, deep-learning, machine-learning, neural-networks, python, r Intermediate, Advanced
Awesome Jupyter Widgets (for building interactive scientific workflows or science gateway tools) Learning ai, computer-graphics, plotting, visualization, big-data, data-analysis, deep-learning, image-processing, machine-learning, monte-carlo, neural-networks, data-sharing, data-lifecycle, data-management, data-management-software, data-reproducibility, github, astrophysics, data-science, novel-accelerators, computational-chemistry, genomics, materials-science, gravitational-waves, oceanography, particle-physics, physiology, psychology, quantum-computing, quantum-mechanics, biology, ondemand, science gateway, c++, jupyterhub, python Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
DeapSECURE – Data-Enabled Advanced Computational Training Platform for Cybersecurity Research and Education Learning ai, visualization, big-data, data-analysis, deep-learning, machine-learning, neural-networks, jekyll, batch-jobs, slurm, bash, ssh, technical-training-for-hpc, training, workforce-development, python, scikit-learn, cybersecurity Beginner
Framework to help in scaling Machine Learning/Deep Learning/AI/NLP Models to Web Application level Learning ai, deep-learning, machine-learning, neural-networks Intermediate
PyTorch for Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing Docs ai, big-data, data-analysis, deep-learning, machine-learning, neural-networks Beginner
Representation Learning in Deep Learning Docs deep-learning, image-processing, machine-learning, neural-networks Intermediate